The new starting point of 2019 starts in earnest.

The sound of firecrackers, blessing, sound of congratulations on the New Year, the sound of gongs and drums, noise, sound played. New Year starts the bugle, New Year, new scene, new atmosphere, vientiane renewal.

The new starting point starts construction in 2019. The construction of everbright will start on February 13th (the ninth day of the New Year). Thanks for the trust and affirmation from new and old customers.

Today, February 13, jiujiang yongyong construction co., ltd. ushered in the first day of construction after the lunar New Year. New Year sail, get together to talk about the blueprint, make New Year's resolutions, start a new journey. Eternal construction of the vast number of colleagues rubbing their hands, intend to do a big job in the New Year. Eternal construction people have posted the "first day of construction" prosperity scene, high enthusiasm for work, inspired us to go to a higher level in the New Year.

Trials and hardships to meet difficulties, god reward the diligent step by step. The New Year, the new beginning, the new hope, the eternal construction certainly grasps the environment the development situation, advances boldly for the new goal, for the dream. Dream, even if the line if micro step, there will be amazing rise, we believe that as long as we can create brilliant!!!

Eternal construction will continue to provide customers with more quality products and services.

In this eternal construction wish national partners, enterprises and friends in the New Year work smoothly, good health, good luck in everything.