Congratulations to jiujiang company for successfully completing the quality award application


On January 6, 2019, hangzhou permanent secretary of jiujiang company in jiangxi province quality association training Chen Hongkui as group leader, jiujiang university associate professor Chen Ailin, jiujiang city pledges inspect bureau quality section chief yong-jun liu, market supervision and administration bureau of quality director deng penzer county and the authority of the agency, and other industries come Chen, senior professionals for reviewers to the panel of five people to jiujiang company, submission of jiujiang jiujiang company penzer county magistrate quality prize contestant matters of jiujiang company's overall operation and management, operation quality review on site acceptance, this is the company since the turn of the year, for the first event and event!

The site assessment acceptance is in accordance with international and national quality prize evaluation standard "outstanding performance evaluation criteria" GB/T19580-2012 and the excellence performance evaluation standards implementation guide of GB/Z19579-2012 "leadership, strategy, customers and markets, resources, process management, measurement analysis and improvement, the" seven aspects, such as 23 key 88 fine item 1000 score, covering every aspect of the enterprise management and operation, the acceptance after the first time will report, on-site inspection and talked with principal communication and will feedback at the end of the time, and other links,Lasted more than three hours, the overall strategy of the expert group for eternal steel structure layout, industry positioning, effective show a strong interest in aspects such as process management, finally, all the members of the expert group agreement evaluation co., LTD. Is a eternal orderly management, perfect system, operation is proper, outstanding achievements, and promising future of "chaoyang enterprise", is a country with "made in China 2025", "neighbourhood" policy, highly consistent penzer regional manufacturing industry leading enterprises, the company in enterprise management, bear the social responsibility, leading guide, industry rankings, profit tax paid in accordance with declare county quality prize.The final site acceptance report was formally submitted to the county head quality award evaluation committee of the county government on January 9, which means that jiujiang company stands out from more than 150 enterprises participating in the evaluation of the county, and also confirms that the overall management of the company's production and operation has been generally recognized by the local government and society.

County chief quality award is one of the world's three quality awards branch award, only three places each year, the site acceptance and evaluation of the company's management is a comprehensive and in-depth "physical examination", is a rare high-level enterprise management activities.If the county chief's quality award is successful in the final evaluation, the government will award 100,000 yuan in addition to the award, the more important is to obtain the local society and the government's full recognition of the company, for the company in the future in jiujiang further development to lay a more solid foundation, which is in line with the head office of jiujiang as the main production base target.

County quality prize after the success of the selection, can still participate in jiujiang mayor quality prize and quality prize awards in jiangxi province, and to participate in "jiujiang traditional industry upgrading comprehensive pilot enterprises" of the declaration, will greatly increase the company reputation and regional influence, from the local government bank financing for the company, the production orders to undertake, government subsidies and tax breaks to provide strong support, and comprehensive and healthy development of the draw for the company for future.

Jiujiang company has done a lot of basic preparation work for the preliminary finalization of the county chief quality award. The site acceptance report was mainly conducted by fang lei, general manager of the head office. Chen ximing, deputy general manager of jiujiang company, xu xiaoying, deputy general manager and office director of jiujiang company, accompanied by managers of finance, production, technology and other departments attended the work.

Looking forward to the arrival of the official award of the county chief quality award!