China Construction Industry Association convenes the six four president meeting

On October 16, the six and four presidential meetings of the China Construction Industry Association were held in Xi'an. President Wang Tiehong presided over the meeting. Wu Huijuan, Director of the Department of Construction Market Supervision of the Ministry of Aboriginal Construction, Vice-President Wu Tao, Youjing, Wang Xiangming, Sun Bo, Liu Yaohua, Shen Defa, Li Baoyuan, Yang Jingpu, Wu Jianjun, Chen Shihua, Chen Wenshan, Jinning Yun, Xu Zheng, Zhang Zhaoxiang, Geng Yuhua, Lou Yongliang, Leiyi, Kui Hongsheng, Han Ping and China Construction Association Xu Yiping, deputy director of the Committee of Engineering and Technology Experts, attended the meeting. Deputy Secretary-General Li Peng, Jingwan, Liu Yulin, Zhao Feng and Wang Xiulan attended the meeting.

Under-Secretary-General Jing Wan made a report on the evaluation of the second Luban Award in 2016-2017. He explained in detail the work of declaration, preliminary examination, review and evaluation. The Vice-President of the meeting approved the evaluation results of the Luban Award.

Secretary-General Wu Tao reported on the programme of the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Luban Award and the organization of the association's work in 2018. In 2018, I will deeply implement the spirit of the Nineteenth National Congress of the Party, guided by No. 19 of the State Administration, revolve around the central work of housing construction in urban and rural areas, take promoting the transformation of the development mode of the industry and the modernization of the construction industry as the theme, improve the quality of the project and the level of construction safety, speed up the scientific and technological progress and management innovation of the industry, and promote it. Building energy conservation and emission reduction and green construction and leading enterprises to implement the "one belt and one road" initiative is the focus, striving to forge ahead, be bold in innovation, and provide higher quality and more efficient services to members and industries. Firstly, we should carry out the spirit of document No. 19 of the State Administration and accelerate the modernization of construction industry; secondly, we should focus on improving the level of quality and safety management by implementing the action plan of improving quality and safety; thirdly, we should guide enterprises to implement the innovation-driven strategy and constantly promote the scientific and technological progress and management innovation of the industry; fourthly, we should strengthen the integrity of the industry. System construction will promote enterprises to enhance their competitiveness and create a fair competitive market environment. Fifth, we will focus on publicizing and implementing new standards and standards to develop efficient and practical industry training. Sixth, we will conduct in-depth investigation and research to reflect industry demands in a timely manner and further strengthen industry statistics. Seventh, we will strengthen exchanges and cooperation between domestic and foreign industries. To promote enterprises to participate in the practice of "one belt and one road" initiative; the eight is to adhere to the 5A level standards, strengthen the clean Construction Association, and continuously improve the quality and level of service.

The vice president of the conference has fully affirmed the work carried out by the association, and has carried out in-depth discussions on issues related to the upgrading of the construction industry related to the development of the industry, the market access of the labor enterprises, the promotion of the fabricated buildings, the research of the post camp transformation and increase, the implementation of the "one belt and one way" strategy, and the construction of enterprise culture. Guidance will be provided in 2018.

President Wang Tiehong made a concluding speech. He stressed that the investigation work should be further strengthened and the service aim of reflecting demands should be continued. He hoped that the Vice-Presidents could provide suggestions for the reform, development, transformation and upgrading of construction enterprises.