Hangzhou Yongsheng Steel Structure Co., LTD. Shenzhen Office personnel recruitment positions and responsibilities


Hangzhou Yongsheng Steel Structure Co., LTD. Shenzhen Office personnel recruitment positions and responsibilities

I. Deputy General Manager and Office Director

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for regional business development. According to the company's strategic layout and development needs, actively carry out related business development work, expand the company's influence and reputation.

2. In charge of the work of the office, responsible for the compilation of management system.

3. Responsible for the supervision of project construction, fund review and allocation of the office.

4. Responsible for the conference organization of the office. According to the requirements of the company's management system and project implementation, responsible for holding and participating in various special and management meetings, and preparing meeting minutes;

5. Responsible for the post performance assessment of the office. According to the group's assessment system, responsible for the internal performance evaluation of each position, prepare the assessment form;

Job Requirements:

1. Under the age of 50, male or female, major in civil engineering, civil engineering, steel structure engineering is preferred;

2. More than 8 years of working experience as a project manager in a steel structure company or construction industry, with actual combat experience in independent projects, with titles such as first-class constructor or senior engineer of civil engineering;

3. Familiar with the current national and regional codes and regulations, familiar with the pre-settlement and construction of steel structure buildings, with comprehensive and complete management experience of large-scale construction projects or public construction, able to effectively manage project quality, ensure progress and control project costs;

4. Strong ability of construction site management and coordination, rich experience in construction management.

5. Strong organization, communication and coordination ability, team spirit, high sense of responsibility, able to work under great pressure. Two, office work

Job Responsibilities:
1. Handled the entry and departure procedures, and was responsible for the administrative logistics of the office (health, visitor reception, meeting minutes, materials, etc.);
2. Complete temporary affairs assigned by superior leaders.

Job Requirements:

1. College degree or above in architecture or related field.

2. Skilled in operating all kinds of office software, flexible, with a sense of responsibility and dedication.

Three, the company's salesman

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for business development and maintenance of steel structure construction projects;

2. Participate in and be responsible for the negotiation, negotiation, business public relations and contract signing of cooperation projects;

3. Responsible for account checking, payment collection and follow-up of engineering projects;

4. Responsible for the establishment of customer information files and management, scientific customer relationship management, timely and efficient to provide customers with high-quality services to ensure customer satisfaction.

Job Requirements:

1. College degree or above (available on Xuecredit website); Age 20 to 45 years old;

2, steel structure industry, construction industry and other related majors; Familiar with local construction industry related policies and bidding process.

3. Have good communication skills, work earnestly and conscientiously, honest and sincere; High sense of work, good team spirit;

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