The domestic scrap market continues to be weak

Information Statistics Department of China Scrap Steel Application Association  

Last week, the domestic scrap market continued weak.  The epidemic situation is repeated around, scrap steel transportation is not smooth, businesses cautiously wait and see, the shipment speed is slowed down, the arrival of individual steel mills plummets, according to the inventory and consumption situation narrow increase scrap purchase price.  Compared with the previous week, the average purchase price of scrap in key steel enterprises was reduced by 101 yuan/ton for heavy steel, 111 yuan/ton for medium steel and 116 yuan/ton for general materials.  

Last week, the phase of the screw price trend after the first down, the spot price active pull up sentiment is not high.  Steel enterprises serious losses, some steel enterprises overhaul plan gradually put on the agenda, production gradually decreased, scrap steel purchase price mentality does not change.  Considering that the steel scrap inventory is generally at a low level at the present stage, the daily arrival volume is gradually declining, and the merchants have little enthusiasm for delivery due to the earlier losses, some steel enterprises slightly raised the scrap purchase price to attract the arrival of goods.  Scrap market is expected to run in the short term, but the price is limited.  

East China scrap market continues to weaken, with the rise of steel prices in the middle of last week, individual scrap steel low inventory steel enterprises began to slightly increase the purchase price.  Nangang heavy steel scrap purchase price is 2450 yuan/ton, down 180 yuan/ton;  Shagang heavy steel scrap purchase price is 2670 yuan/ton, down 100 yuan/ton;  Xingcheng Special Steel heavy steel scrap purchase price is 2660 yuan/ton, reduced by 80 yuan/ton;  Masteel heavy steel scrap purchase price is 2420 yuan/ton, down 100 yuan/ton;  Tongling Fuxin heavy steel scrap purchase price is 2960 yuan/ton;  The bidding price of Shangang Laisteel steel bar cutting head is 3000 yuan/ton, down 150 yuan/ton;  The purchase price of Xiwang Metal boutique heavy scrap is 2920 yuan/ton, down 160 yuan/ton;  Ningbo Steel in October heavy scrap purchase base price of 2882 yuan/ton.  

In central China, steel scrap prices stop falling and stabilize, market circulation resources are reduced, and merchants are reluctant to sell.  Angang heavy steel scrap purchase price is 2830 yuan/ton, down 150 yuan/ton;  Wugang heavy steel scrap purchase price of 2990 yuan/ton, down 160 yuan/ton;  Hunan Iron and Steel Hengsteel level qualified material purchase price of 2580 yuan/ton, down 100 yuan/ton;  Wisco low sulfur block scrap steel purchase price is 2950 yuan/ton, down 150 yuan/ton.  

South China scrap prices after a slight rebound, base inventory is not much, businesses are reluctant to sell, steel companies to poor delivery.  Sangang Minguang heavy steel scrap purchase price is 2770 yuan/ton, down 150 yuan/ton;  Shaosteel heavy scrap cash to factory price of 2660 yuan/ton, down 130 yuan/ton.  

The weak operation of scrap market in Southwest China, the shortage of market resources, the limited transport of scrap steel, the arrival of steel enterprises decreased.  Heavy steel scrap excluding tax price of 2700 yuan/ton, down 100 yuan/ton;  Kungang heavy steel scrap purchase price is 3110 yuan/ton.  

In the northwest region, the scrap market is running weaker, and the market turnover is general.  The situation of epidemic prevention and control has begun to improve, and steel companies have raised prices to attract goods.  Xining Special Steel medium qualified material purchase price is 3160 yuan/ton;  Jisco medium-sized scrap excluding tax price of 2652 yuan/ton, down 18 yuan/ton.  

Scrap steel prices in Northeast China rose slightly after plummeting. In the middle of last week, as the finished material market improved, some businesses held the goods to rise, and steel companies received fewer goods.  Ling Steel heavy steel scrap purchase price is 3060 yuan/ton;  Jianlongxi Steel (Yichun area) heavy steel scrap purchase price is 2700 yuan/ton, down 240 yuan/ton;  Angang heavy steel scrap purchase price is 3023 yuan/ton;  Fushun Special Steel heavy steel scrap purchase price is 2930 yuan/ton, down 230 yuan/ton.  

North China scrap market shock operation, steel enterprises use scrap reduced, purchase intention is not strong, business received not much, the operation of "fast in and fast out".  Tianjin steel pipe heavy steel scrap purchase price is 2920 yuan/ton, down 100 yuan/ton;  Shougang Qian Steel heavy scrap purchase price is 2950 yuan/ton;  Baotou Steel heavy steel scrap purchase price is 2989 yuan/ton, down 281 yuan/ton;  Hegang Shi Steel heavy steel scrap purchase price is 2701 yuan/ton, down 121 yuan/ton.