Congratulations on the opening of the Shenzhen office of Hangzhou Yongheng Steel Structure Co., LTD


On November 10, 2022, Hangzhou Yongheng Steel Structure Shenzhen Office was officially opened. Shenzhen is an important center of economy, foreign trade, industry, commerce and logistics in Guangdong Province. It is also an important center of culture, art, education and transportation.

Shenzhen office in the high quality building structure to Shenzhen enterprises at the same time also set up a service Shenzhen and the surrounding enterprises terminal bridge Liang, and customers to achieve more efficient, fast interaction.

As a set of production, sales, installation in one of the professional steel structure manufacturers, eternal will live up to the expectations of our customers, pioneering and innovative, as always to provide our customers with excellent quality steel structure products, win-win with customers and seek common development. Eternal steel structure service hotline: 18296226058 Aya