Multi - empty competition intense, off-season steel prices at the bottom of the high?


In the near future, the trend of the snail to boost people's hearts, has been in the state of red shock, raw material prices are also strong support, there is a certain support for the market bullish sentiment. At the same time, many provinces and cities intensive start heavy pollution weather emergency response, steel mills have cut production action, recent real estate warming sentiment also spread to the steel mill, emotional support steel prices can rise in the off-season?

Macro information

The Ministry of Ecology and Environment is soliciting public opinions on the draft of opinions on Further Strengthening the Prevention and Control of Heavy Metal Pollution. During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, the prevention and control of heavy metal pollution achieved positive results. However, the prevention and control of heavy metal pollution remains a long way to go, and heavy metal pollution is a serious problem in some regions, threatening the ecological environment and public health. These opinions are formulated for the purpose of deepening the battle against pollution, further strengthening the emission control of heavy metal pollutants, and effectively preventing and controlling environmental risks related to heavy metals.

[Tangshan launched level II emergency response for heavy pollution Weather] Since November 24, Tangshan city will be controlled by a weak pressure field, with low wind, high humidity and poor diffusion conditions. Moderate to severe pollution will occur, and severe pollution can reach orange or even red alert level in a short time. In order to have an effect on this round of pollution process and minimize the pollution degree, the municipal Heavy pollution Weather Response Headquarters decided to launch the heavy pollution weather II emergency response at 15 o 'clock on November 24, 2021, and the lifting time will be notified later.

According to the World Iron and Steel Association, global crude steel production in October fell 10.6% year on year to 146 million tons. China's crude steel output in October was 71.6m tonnes, down 23.3 per cent from a year earlier; India produced 9.8 million tons, up 2.4 percent year on year; Japan produced 8.2 million tons, up 14.3% year on year; Us production was 7.5 million tonnes, up 20.5 per cent year on year.

Spot market today

[Strip] Today strip strong operation, north China leading steel mills up 10, Tang narrow strip tired up 60-100, transaction is generally high weak, some manufacturers clear, east and South China is still strong

[Construction steel] today the national line screw mainstream stability in strong adjustment, the actual demand has turned better, agent, business mentality is more cautious, prices rose tentatively, less trading in the market, futures trend is strong, steel mills continue to reduce production, social inventory decline is more, is expected to maintain stable in strong operation tomorrow line screw

[plate] Today, plate stability is strong, futures are holding red shock, traders' mentality is supported, the market has a butting-price sentiment, but the downstream is still cautious wait-and-see, high transaction is still general performance.

[Profile] This type of price wide upward, the downstream terminal more on demand, market transaction performance is flat. Jiao, Tangshan Zhengfeng 4850 Shanghai Angang 5070 Lecong Tangshan 5300.

[pipe] this pipe market is up and down, the transaction is acceptable. National straight seam pipe up 30-100 down 20-60, cost strong support, market trading atmosphere is good, businesses meet high goods, futures trend slowing, market wait-and - see sentiment gradually, seamless pipe up 40 down 50, downstream demand gradually released, businesses fill the warehouse operation is still cautious, material Ming pipe market stable operation.

Market summary and forecast

Period snail is currently in the fast rising slowly falling in the horizontal stage, up the need to hoard a wave of main force to promote, is expected to night disk or long issued attack. Affected by the phase screw movements, the market bullish sentiment, from inventory data form, the inventory down significantly, in which social inventory has lasted a month to maintain a larger decline, combined with steel mills cut production action, slightly tight steel plant resources, lower inventory for many merchants as needed to fill the operation of the library, but the businessman mentality is still relatively cautious, With the early suppression of part of the demand gradually released, the trend is strong, expected in the short term steel price shock is strong.