The subtle relationship between all kinds of steel


Basic on trying this month of black variety, the spot market after the fall, steel billet, iron ore are weaker, now is mainly affected by two factors, one is the demand is weak, the second is steel inventories for 2 weeks, phase screw bearish sentiment surface is relatively obvious, the spot mainstream follow, serious market upside down, according to current situation of present sales rebar,Can only use difficult to describe, even if today's bulk commodities disk slightly ease, overall partial red, but the mood is still cautious, deal limited, including the production of finished materials steel mills, the enthusiasm of the production of building materials has weakened.

Varieties of price difference interpretation

As of June 23, the current volume screw spreads over 500 at high levels, the hot roll on the recent hot rolling main downstream consumers such as machinery, heavy card on the back, clinch a deal the spot also basically can only achieve 80% of normal levels, steel mills in the average profit in 400, production of hot rolled cold and hot rolling gap return to a reasonable range,In terms of inventory, the stock of thread in the national warehouse increased to 14.010,400 tons, an increase of 345,300 tons compared with last week. The stock of cold rolled coil in 26 cities in the country was 1.53700 tons, an increase of 13,100 tons compared with last week.And the market is in the off-season demand, inventory digestion is basically from domestic, hot rolled, cold rolled coil is a strong export nature, but generally speaking, the consumption of the five categories are higher than the average level of 2020.

Raw material tracking

From recent iron ore supply level, the current domestic arrival cargo fell, steel mills due to the superposition of recent demand off-season limit production policy and overseas due to reasons such as improving epidemic, iron ore consumption is still very strong, the domestic timber is influenced by various aspects of high cost and low profit, steel ladle there is an obvious adjustment tendency degree, from the point of crude steel data, understand different province,According to the National Bureau of Statistics, the crude steel output of Hebei Province from January to May was 103.0693 million tons, ranking the first in the country, Jiangsu 54.71553 million tons ranked the second, Shandong Province 3762.57 million tons ranked the third, Liaoning Province 3353.06 million tons ranked the fourth, followed by Shanxi. The crude steel pressure was obviously concentrated in East China and North China.

The late judge

Thread, varieties of hot and cold rolling line, such as the recent ups and downs frequently, merchants mood swing, macro economic return to normal, supply the whole does not appear obvious reduced, from the point of all varieties of volatility, trend, the overall weak is given priority to, you can see, the difference between the different varieties across varieties with arbitrage opportunities,This is, of course, first of all, based on the premise of understanding between varieties, as long as the basis of above normal range expanding or shrinking, for the current season is a good hedging tools, the first in a relaxed vigilance, also let many agents accidentally between basic will be half a year's profit taking, for a long time,Steel prices is highly financialization, we should always keep the heart of fear, want to earn profits, can not only guarantee the loss is the premise, although 6 - July is a tough season, but believes that each species has its own variation rule, it is good full adjustment time is to accumulate energy for the second half of the market, finally, in the weak reality and expectation, under the joint action ofThreads will be trapped in a wide oscillating pattern.