The lifting of the largest steel segment in the main stadium of the World Cup has been completed


A new breakthrough has been made in the construction of the 2022 World Cup's main stadium in Qatar.

This lifting pressure ring is huge in size, about 46 meters long, 13 meters high and 425 tons in weight, and its structure is complex. It consists of 4 main chord rods to form a box three-dimensional truss, and the upper and lower chord surface is a "meter" shaped grid. The overall geometry is consistent with the saddle surface of the roof, and it is a member of bearing curtain wall, connecting the roof cable net and V steel column.A total of 24 trusses of compression rings, the total weight of which is about 6,200 tons, are the core of the "force" and "beauty" of the project.

"The difficulty of construction has long been expected by the project department, and the installation accuracy of components directly affects the smooth installation of the roof cable network and curtain wall.According to the project manager, the main cable, secondary cable lug plate and curtain wall are all connected with the component, and precision control is extremely important.In order to solve the technical problems of the pressure ring, the project department organized expert demonstration meetings for many times and invited experts of steel structure, cable membrane and measurement to give guidance on the work. The possible problems in the process were discussed in detail to ensure the smooth construction of the steel structure.

In order to achieve the node goal, engineers of the project department gave up rest during the holiday of eid al-adha festival, and actively coordinated the cross-operation among subcontractors under the high temperature of 50℃ to ensure the safety and smooth progress of construction.At peak times, four cranes, eight lifts and 60 workers are operating at the same time.

The lifting of the pressure ring is divided into three steps, namely, stripping, transfer, lifting point placement, hooking, pre-lifting, configuration adjustment, lifting, aerial rotation and initial placement. The total time is 33 hours.The lifting pressure ring is not only the heaviest steel segment in the lussel stadium project, but also the heaviest steel segment in Qatar's eight World Cup stadiums.Its successful lifting has won the unanimous appreciation of the owners, supervisors and partners, which is an important milestone event in the steel structure construction of this project. It not only marks that the technical problems in the steel structure construction are basically cleared up, but also lays a foundation for the subsequent pressure circulation water construction and cable membrane construction.